LTO Server


LTO server equipped with an LTO-9 drive.

Store up to 18 TB of video and audio media on LTO-8/9 tapes when used in uncompressed mode. Fast maximum transfer of 300 MB/s (2.4 Gbps), using an optional high-speed interface. Enables high-capacity4K archiving and backup.

Comprehensive file backup/archiving

  • A single LTS-90 unit with a 20 TB storage option is all you need for primary and secondary backup.
  • Ready for files of all types and formats.
  • Use as a compact server to archive video files, back up NLE project files, and store still images, documents, and other critical data.
  • Back up to/read from LTO tape via Ethernet or USB.

Automatic proxy video generation while archiving

  • Tags video files with metadata when archiving, and writes to formats compatible with LTR series video archiving recorders.
  • Optional automatic thumbnail and proxy video generation (low to HD resolution*1, with multi-codec support*2) are available.
  • Use partial retrieval to extract required portions of video files on LTO tape as separate files.
    *1 HD resolution is available for LTS-SX, LTS-XAVC, and LTS-XAVC-L MP4 proxy files. *2 Optional.

Versatile data backup

  • Read or write files to LTO tape via FTP from computers on the same local network as the LTS-90.
  • Also enables folder-based archiving of video files on devices connected to the LTS-90 via USB.
  • Fast data backup capability to LTO tape from external devices (USB 3.0 devices or NAS).
  • Data can be backed up to LTO tape and an attached USB HDD or NAS simultaneously, and copies can be verified after backup.


LTR Browser LTO Remote Software 

  • Remote control software that allows PC access (Windows®) of LTO tape mounted in LTS-90/80*.
    * Requires codec support options when used with the LTS-90/80.

LTS-MAM LTO Server Media Asset Management Software 

  • Use LTS-90 as an all-in-one solution for managing assets in your LTO library. It provides centralized management of LTO cartridges. Browser-based asset registration, searching, browsing, and archiving/retrieval are supported.

LTS-I-CP LTS Copy Controller 

  • Installed on a computer connected via Ethernet to 2 LTR/LTS units, enables LTO tape files to be copied from either unit.

LTS-MGS LTO Migration Software 

Optional software for migrating to a newer generation of LTO tape. Streamlines the process of consolidating LTO tapes.

LTO-EU8 External LTO Drive Option

  • Optional additional external LTO drive for the LTS series. Copies between LTO tapes to create a primary and secondary copy and supports LTO migration (LTO-EU8 reads LTO-7 and LTO-8).

LTS-10GR/LTS-10GS 10 GbE Options

  • LTS-10GR (RJ45 connector model)
  • LTS-10GS (SFP+ connector model), 10GBASE-SR SFP+ optical transceiver

Supports 10GbE for fast transfer.