File management software


Compact LTFS Archiving Box
Combining the LTS-MAM material file management software with the LTS-series LTO server creates an archive system


Optional software LTS-MAM runs on the LTS-series, and allows intuitive, browser-based*1 adding, searching, re-purposing, and management of assets from devices on the network. Also allows folders to be batch archived. If it is too early to introduce a large-scale archive system to store video materials, completed master program, non-linear editing files, and other data, then how about starting by organizing familiar material files, such as projects that your department is in charge of? Archiving in folder units is also possible.

  • 1 IE 10, IE11, Google Chrome, Safari

  • Archiving and retrieval between storage and LTO tapes
  • Material management
  • Search and preview
  • Partial Retrieval / Batch Retrieval
  • Connecting to an LTO autoloader
  • Collation of files recorded on LTO tape
  • Expandable archive system