Information Security Policy

Recognizing the significance of personal information, FOR-A maintains the following information security policy.

Nature of personal information collected

This Web site includes a service and support page for customer inquiries. To ensure efficient support and communication for inquiries from this page, we request the following personal information.

  • Product of interest and mailing address (name, job title, department name, company name, address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, and related information)

Purposes for using personal information

We use personal information collected from this Web site for the following purposes. As a rule, we do not use personal information for other purposes without prior consent.

  • To respond to inquiries and requests
  • To introduce current or new FOR-A products or other products we offer, or to announce seminars, exhibitions, and other events
  • To contact customers regarding their purchases

Measures to protect personal information

We follow strict security measures to protect personal information collected from this Web site. Furthermore, we do not provide this information to third parties without consent except in the following cases.

  • If the person involved approves of such use
  • For the purpose of sending products following customer requests or orders (specifically, we may provide information regarding the recipient and mailing address, and so on)
  • For purposes of Web site administration when a subcontractor is involved (however, in this case, we will strive to ensure our privacy policy standards are met through preliminary investigations, agreements, audits, and so on)
  • If we are ordered on legal grounds to provide the information to third parties by regulatory authorities, courts, or law enforcement agencies for the public interest

Deletion of personal information and cancellation of e-mail messages or direct mail

If you request disclosure, revision, or deletion of your personal information, we will comply promptly after confirming your identity. Note that for requests made on weekends or holidays (including year-end holidays), we will respond on the next business day.

Inquiries regarding personal information

For inquiries regarding our Web site privacy policy or personal information, please e-mail us at the following address.