Turnkey XR solution


Elitium is a high-end product for demanding users looking for multi-camera & tracked virtual sets, set extensions, pitch branding, augmented and mixed reality solutions tailored for broadcast.

Finally a system specifically born for broadcast, live events and corporate purposes, available in all useful resolutions as a turnkey solution, independent from the common 3D rendering engines: discover Elitium, the first XR system proudly presented by ClassX, following the logic of LiveBoard thus solving the many challenges of XR productions in a very user-friendly and reasonable way.

Live-show-enrichment features

  • Augmented Reality(AR)

    The simplest and most straight-forward thing to do with Elitium. AR means the addition of 3D generated content, composited over a live background view, providing the appearance of content sitting in (or augmenting) the real world.

  • Mixed Reality(MR)

    A step further with Elitium: add green screen or a LED wall. MR goes beyond composited AR, placing real-time rendered content on screens around and under actors and real objects, creating rich virtual environments that immerse the actors in the space.

  • Extended Reality(XR)

    Add talent trackers, virtual screens and interactive objects. Elitium will allow you to adopt workflows that empower production teams to deliver Augmented and Mixed reality within live production environments.

  • Virtual Set

    A digital environment with realistic-looking settings. Ideal to replace physical backgrounds, allowing a TV presenter or a journalist to appear as if they are in various locations without actually being there. Elitium enriches your narrative thanks to a high quality software Chroma Keyer.

  • Extended Virtual Set

    Elitium is the perfect solution to seamlessly expand a virtual set in a 360-degree or infinite manner. Leveraging the "Clean plate" feature, even a small "chroma key" space can suffice. Everything else will be seamlessly extended to create a truly immersive "extended virtual set".

  • Virtual Production

    With Elitium, using a standard broadcasting camera equipped with an external tracking sensor, you can effortlessly transform your LED wall or screen into an infinite expanse or a window to any landscape. Elitium's "off-axis" technology knows no bounds, allowing the point of view of the camera movement to seamlessly align virtual and real-world elements in a captivating extended reality experience.

  • Pitch Branding

    In pitch branding, graphics seamlessly merge with any color surface. For instance, take the vibrant green of a grass sports field: while players and pitch lines remain clearly visible above the surface, Elitium makes logos, scores and promotional contents appear merged into the green part only.

  • Trackerless Virtual Set

    Elitium also empowers you to utilize seamless virtual environments without the need for tracking, only the virtual camera. This flexibility allows for dynamic presentations and a heightened sense of realism, as your anchor person interacts naturally with the virtual surroundings.

  • MOS driven News in AR

    Elitium is capable of proficiently transforming NRCS/MOS driven graphics into an Augmented Reality News production experience. It combines the efficiency of data-driven lower thirds and media content with the enchantment of XR, giving rise to a platform capable of managing and broadcasting any kind of news and information through MOS protocol. Elitium enriches your daily news with an extra touch.


  • Elitium is available as a multichannel solution. Up to 4 asynchronous output channels will have access to the 10 available Video Inputs and use them independently.

    Some examples of how to use multichannel Elitium:
    - Every tracked SDI camera input is rendered separately in up to 4 output channels. Switch live downstream with a vision mixer, every camera pointing in the same virtual environment (template), easy choice.
    - A different virtual environment (template) is used for each output. Produce LIVE with different back/foregrounds for different audiences.
    - Additional channels can be used to create separate overlay graphic channels, fill+key.

Up to 10 video inputs

  • Elitium can handle up to 10 Video Input Sources. Mix and match as you like between: SDI camera or auxiliary input (through DeckLink, Bluefish444, AJA), streaming input or media playout (LibVLC), ClassX Sharedframe (shared memory), NDI®, Spout, Directshow or Chromium (the whole internet e.g. YouTube, websites, streaming content).

Up to 10 tracking inputs

  • Elitium can handle up to 10 separate FreeD tracking inputs. FreeD can natively be streamed by certain brands of PTZ cameras or from spatial tracking systems for dolly, handheld or crane-mounted cameras. Talent tracking systems allow to use tracked devices that consent dynamic interaction and to walk-around virtual objects for amazing live XR shows.

    Supported tracking devices
    - EZTrack
    - Antilatency
    - Mo-Sys
    - NCAM
    - Koala tracker
    - Any existing FreeD-supporting tracking device

Seamless camera switch

  • No black frames, no hesitation, no problems: switch internally in Elitium between the various tracked cameras. Seamless, painless. Camera controls are built-into LiveBoard XR, the graphic templates with the tracked graphics will adapt to each camera as soon as it is chosen. This allows the proficient use of multiple cameras without the need of rendering unnecessary graphics.

Inbuilt software chroma-keyer

  • Elitium comes with a high-quality inbuilt software chroma-keyer that allows you to pick the desired colour you want to key away on each video input. Quickly check the alpha channel, adjust the parameters and enjoy your live video for your virtual set. Colour correction, denoise and custom GLSL shaders also included.

IBL lighting and skybox

  • Elitium's support for IBL (Image-Based Lighting) with HDR goes beyond conventional boundaries. Users can seamlessly transform their IBL assets into dynamic skyboxes, granting them the flexibility to enhance their XR environments with realistic skies and horizons. Furthermore, objects within the project will dynamically reflect the inserted IBL, ensuring a coherent and immersive visual experience. Elitium empowers creators to craft XR experiences that authentically replicate real-world lighting conditions, offering a versatile and immersive canvas for their creativity.

glTF and animation support

  • Export  your 3D models as glTF files and import them into Coral XR for realistic rendering. These models support independent animations, seamless integration into live scenes, and effortless real-time positioning and resizing in the LiveBoard XR environment. No limits to creativity, whether indoors or outdoors. Augmented reality objects become effortlessly positionable and resizable in real-time, all thanks to the intuitive LiveBoard XR positioning environment in Elitium.

PBR materials

  • Elitium offers robust support for PBR materials. You can easily customize and fine-tune a wide range of material properties, including base color, occlusion, normal maps, roughness, metallic attributes, and emission. With intuitive slider controls, you have the power to simulate the appearance of virtually any real-world material, enabling you to achieve the desired level of realism for your XR experiences.

Dynamic shadows

  • In Elitium, every object comes to life with dynamic and realistic shadows. This means that as you interact with XR environments, objects cast shadows that respond dynamically to light sources and movement. These lifelike shadows add an extra layer of authenticity and immersion to your XR experiences, making them feel more like the real world. Whatever the context of your XR project, the presence of dynamic shadows enhances the visual fidelity and depth of your XR, making it more captivating and true to life.

Real glass and ice effect

  • Elitium not only supports but also empowers users to apply the "Transmission" effect to any object within XR environments. This capability allows for the lifelike simulation of light interaction with transparent materials, encompassing through the "thickness" parameter the realistic refraction, reflections, and light scattering, thereby enhancing the realism of XR objects and scenes across various applications.

Real-time reflections

  • Elitium introduces the cutting-edge feature of real-time reflections in XR environments. This technology allows objects within Elitium's XR experiences to dynamically and authentically mirror their surroundings, replicating real-world reflections with precision. By incorporating real-time reflections, Elitium enhances the visual fidelity and immersion of XR content, providing users with an enriched and highly realistic virtual environment.

Substance materials

  • Elitium also integrates "Substance Materials" technology by Adobe. Users can effortlessly incorporate them within Coral XR environments, providing a wide range of customizable digital materials. This capability empowers creators to craft highly realistic and visually stunning XR content, enhancing the quality and versatility of their virtual experiences.

Custom video materials

  • In Coral XR, you have the flexibility to change the materials of 3D objects. Additionally, any other element, including Video Inputs, can be utilized as material for any glTF object (on separate parts). To enhance realism, of course, you'll find the modified materials in the reflections of other objects within the environment. IBL (Image-Based Lighting) is applied over all newly edited materials and will add for lifelike lighting effects.

Overlay CG graphics

  • Elitium preserves the entire spectrum of LiveBoard features, empowering you to seamlessly merge 3D and 2D elements on limitless levels of creativity. Beyond this, LiveBoard XR also continues to excel in its ability to seamlessly integrate and process real-time data from external sources, effectively providing a complete broadcast experience.