Turnkey XR solution


Elitium is a high-end product for demanding users looking for multi-camera & tracked virtual sets, set extensions, pitch branding, augmented and mixed reality solutions tailored for broadcast.


  • Up to 10* camera/tracking inputs and up to 4 output channels from one hardware.
  • Data driven AR objects; Charts, Data, Timers, Media, animated 3D objects connected to external data sources.
  • HDR & PBR rendering, IBL lighting, 4K HDR Skybox, bloom glow, transmission, Adobe substance support, dynamic shadows and mirror.
  • Simplified 3D positioning tool for setting up the 3D virtual set objects and environment.
  • Software chroma keyer and custom shaders on single video inputs.
  • Easy to learn and to add to your workflow.

    * 3 inputs are for only SDI input and the remaining 7 inputs are selectable as SDI or NDI inputs. NDI is supported as an auxiliary live input for feeding virtual screens and other 3D textures inside the AR/VR scene.