SOM-200RDS NMOS RDS Software/
SOM-20RDS Plus RDS Filtering API option

RDS Conductor

Shared NMOS resources without changing the RDS or broadcast controller in your current MoIP system by using a hierarchical RDS(Hi-RDS)system with RDS Conductor (SOM-200RDS and SOM-20RDS Plus).

Shared NMOS resources at a data center are collectively managed by the primary RDS. After this, NMOS resources can be efficiently assigned and used by registering each device or system function to the current, local RDS in each island. Use equipment compatible with software-defined systems for flexible performance that meets your needs.

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SOM-200RDS (NMOS RDS Software)

Software for implementing NMOS RDS functions. Can display connection status, and supports redundant configurations.



SOM-20RDS Plus (RDS Filtering API option)

Resource-sharing option that enables sharing of NMOS resources between facilities. Performs scheduled allocation of NMOS node information in a local RDS. Optional primary system integration also available.

Hierarchical RDS(Hi-RDS) for MoIP resource sharing

System construction by multi vendors

Enables switching instructions by registering available resources in the RDS referenced by each broadcast controller. Shared NMOS resources are registered and allocated to each island by RDS conductor and there is no need for registration settings of each resource. Very simple operation which is only to set allocating and booking resources from SOM-20 RDS Plus (RDS Filtering API) to Local RDS.

System construction by multi vendors


Virtual NMOS Node

Shared NMOS resources specified by the external reservation system are registered in the local RDS only for the reserved time. SOM-20RDS Plus (RDS Filtering API) registers virtual senders and receivers by channel to local RDS and builds node combined necessary channels. Enables to reduce the number of resources by combining subdivided channels efficiently.

Virtual NMOS Node