Multi Channel Media Server

Insight [ODYSSEY]

Revolutionary Ease of Use Multi Channel Media Server

ODYSSEY’s Insight Production Server is a versatile system with many features designed to provide easy media management and integration with studio workflows. The channel density can grow from two up to four or eight channels, depending on the system requirements. A wide range of codecs and wrappers provide easy media exchange, playback and recording without conversion. SDI, 12G-SDI and NDI® interfaces are supported across the range of models.

Insight’s user interface is designed for concurrent operation, allowing multiple users to operate cooperatively on the server, providing integrated operation across the network. Different roles can also shape the access level of each user, limiting function and channel rights to keep operation safe for all users.

A tight integration with the Hanabi family switchers enables seamless operation and interaction for unified control. Other protocols like VDCP and AMP are supported for further integration with other devices.

Additional system modules may be added to customize the system to better fit the production requirements for enhanced productivity.Network workflows can be improved by means of automatic media transfer, shared network storage and server synchronization. In addition to the standard IO channels, more EditChannels can be added to existing systems for reviewing, trimming, cutting and exporting media directly through the system interface.
NDI is a registered trademark of Vizrt.

  • Folder Sync: Transfer recorded files to and from network storage or attached device.
  • Central Storage: Use a network resource as main storage for unlimited storage capacity.
  • Server Sync: Keep multiple servers with synchronized content and playlists.
  • Preview Channels: Adds extra channels for playback, trimming and media extraction.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Provides GPU accelerated H.264 encoding and decoding.

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Multi Channel


  • 1 RU video server with 2, 4 and 8 channels.
  • 12G/3G/1.5G-SDI, IP(SMPTE ST 2110) and NDI video I/O.
  • Multi-user network interface designed for team collaboration with user-level security access.
  • FolderSync module allows transfer to network/USB drive during record and file request from external storage.
  • Preview subclip trimming, extraction and play while recording.
  • Solid state storage from 1TB with RAID 1 protection up to 16TB.
  • Supported codecs include XDCAM, DNxHD, ProRes, H.264/MP4* and DVCProHD.
  • Network storage and synchronization
  • Allows direct interaction with HVS video switchers.
    * H.264/MP4 is supported in FGP-400. Requires progressive support module.
  • Clip Trimming
  • Wall View


  • FGP-400: 1080i 4 channel SDI/NDI/IP(SMPTE ST 2110), XDCAM/AVC/ProRes/DNxHD
  • FGP-400P: 1080P 4 channel SDI, XDCAM/AVC/ProRes/DNxHD/MP4, dedicated IO connectors
  • FGP-C200+: 1080i 2 channel SDI/NDI, XDCAM/DNxHD/MP4 (with hardware encoding option)
  • FGP-C400: 1080i 4 channel SDI/NDI, XDCAM/DNxHD/MP4 (with hardware encoding option)
  • FGP-212: 2 UHD channel SDI 12G, ProRes/DNxHR

Optional Modules

  • Folder Sync: Transfer files to and from central storage or external USB devices.
  • Edit Channel: Adds a virtual channel for media playback, playlist edit and media extraction.
  • GPU Acceleration: Adds GPU accelerated H.264 MP4 encoding for FGP-C200+ and FGP-C400 models.
  • Server Sync: Synchronize content and playlists between two servers.
  • Network Storage:  Allows to use an existing central storage for media and playlists. Storage may be shared with other Insight servers.
  • Advanced Scheduler: Provides interface for setting up recording and playback schedules with recurring events.
  • As Run log: A detailed information visualization on channel activity.
  • NDI HX: Hardware encoded NDI output with lower network bandwidth on FGP-C200+ and FGP-C400 systems. Requires GPU Acceleration module.

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