Software Optimized Appliance Revolutionized
by FOR-A


IP Ultra Low Latency, Secure & Simple Operation
The Revolutionary IP Flexible & Customizable Solution

  • Ultra Low Latency
    realized by optimized software architecture and broadcast quality unique OS

  • Multiple Video, Audio and Data
    can be securely transferred packed together bi-directionally with simple set up

  • SD, HD, 4K & NDI to SMPTE ST2110 :
    Flexible and customizable configuration and channel expandability

  • Streaming via WebRTC to Any browser & Anywhere

    No gateway, no specific players needed. Targeted contents can

        be seen anytime, anywhere, anybody

Solution Line Up

SOAR-A EDGE IP Transport Appliance

IP Transport Appliance

IP transport appliance solutions, which realize ultra low latency under highly secured platform. It could be perfect for not only just IP ENC/DEC, but also especially, REMI application, by flexible, expandable and upgradable architecture.


  • Multiple video, audio transfer
  • SDI, NDI®, variety of streams such as WebRTC, WebM, HLS/DASH, CMAF, MP4
  • Ultra low latency preview with WebRTC
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Powerful RIST tunnel
  • Point-to-multipoint including multilink and multicast
  • Seamless switching without glitching between stream copies based on 2022-7
  • Load balancing (Bonding) for faster connection
  • Secure connection with PSK (Pre-Shared Key) supplemented with SRP (Secure Remote Password) and DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security)
  • Packet recovery (upper loss threshold=40-55%)
  • SOAR-A EDGE Mini

    Assignable 2ch / Compact body / FAN less


    SOAR-A EDGE 4ch: 4ch model

    SOAR-A EDGE 8ch: 8ch model
    1RU server / Redundant power supply


  • SOAR-A IPTV IPTV Distribution Service

    Revolutionary Ease of Use Production Graphic Engine

    Learn More

  • SOAR-A IPTV IPTV Distribution Service

    Revolutionary Ease of Use Multi Channel Media Server

    Learn More

System Example: SOAR-A EDGE
Simple Remote Production

Connecting a remote camera location to your broadcast studio using a SOAR-A allows you transmit SDI/NDI/IP video channels configured as either Encode or Decode. Each RIST Tunnel can carry up to ten streams of multiplexed media and send to up to ten peers.

Adding VPN function allows additional network ports for control and intercom signals. This enables a simple network architecture that passes all traffic through a single set up UDP ports.

System Example: SOAR-A EDGE
Advanced Remote Broadcast Production

In this example we are using SOAR-A to provide more bi-directional media channels and a cloud router to send the signals between multiple studios and remote production offices.

Application by Segment

  • Broadcast

    - Contribution/distribution
    - Live sports remote production
    - Local interview to station
    - IPTV to view contents anywhere

  • Corporate

    - Event remote production
    - Live high-quality distribution
    - Hybrid IP base event
    - Nation and worldwide streaming distribution

  • House of worship

    - Event remote production
    - Remote access and control
    - Live distribution among several campus
    - Nation and worldwide streaming distribution

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