Alfalite LED panels


Made entirely in Spain with unique ORIM technology*, the LED panels offers viewers a 175-degree viewing angle and very high brightness and color fidelity.

With its fast and accurate installation, they can be built into any size of LED wall or volume, creating virtual production and augmented reality spaces ideal for broadcast, corporate and educational applications.
* ORIM applied on 2.6 and narrower pixel pitch model.

Made in Spain

  • - Mechanical and electronic industrial design
    - PCB manufacture. In-house SMD production lines
    - Maintain same production batch LED for Repair for 10 years

Easy and Fast Maintenance

  • - Front and rear maintenance
    - No tools required
    - Fast and accurate installation
    - MOM: Module replacement with unified calibration
    - The chassis handles are used as a climbing support

Versatile Design


  • - Magnesium cabinets
    - Aluminium or Magnesium alloy Cabinets.
    - Concave/convex curve up to +/-15º
    - ORIM (optical resin injection module)

ORIM* Technology

This LED series offers the option of integrating with ORIM (optical resin injection module) technology, which offers:
- Available for the panel narrower than 2.6
- Increased viewing angle up to 175º horizontal and vertical
- Easy to clean with enhanced protection against hits and humidity
- Highest protection against static electricity. ESD>10KV
- Fire resistance parameters. UL94-0 compliant
- Increased durability and reliability with a lower failure rate
- Better precision/gap between modules. <0.05 mm.
- Facilitates cleaning and disinfection of bacteria
- Less Shortest repair time on the market
* ORIM applied on 2.6 and narrower pixel pitch model.


Designed for rental and staging companies. First lock system enable quick installation. For indoor use. Stores layouts on the viewer.

- Panel size:1.5, 1.9, 2.6, 2.9, 3.9

- Fast-locks for rental companies:
  - Top main lock and fast side lock (2 locks vs 4/6)
  - Top removable positioners 
  - Retractable side positioner 


For fixed installations in the leisure, broadcast, film XR, corporate, and retail markets. For indoor use.

- Panel size:1.5, 1.9, 2.6. 2.9, 3.9, 3.9HB, 4.8HB & 5.9HB (for ceiling LED)



16:9 aspect ratio panel for critical missions in control rooms, sensitive information and emergency management rooms.

- Panel size:0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8
  • AlfaArt
  • Alfalite teamed up with digital artist César Yagüe to create AlfaArt - an all-in-one solution consisting of a UHD Finepix LED wall with state-of-the-art media players and moving ambient artwork that transform entire walls into living canvases.


Customer Stories

  • White Tie Productions

    Premier live event production company, White Tie Productions, purchased 120 Alfalite Litepix Series panels, making them the first live event company in the U.S. with Alfalite LED panels.

    White Tie President Ross Snyder believes they’ve rented almost every major LED display on the market. He first saw the Alfalite video wall at the NAB show in April. "When you see an Alfalite wall in person, it’s unique," he explained. "You can talk about LED all day long but until you see a camera pointed at it, you can’t fully understand how well constructed it is. These panels have an almost 180-degree, crystal-clear viewing angle, which is unlike any other LED."

    Learn more>>


  • Gaudi Cube Casa Batllo

    Thanks to the technology of the new Alfalite Cube product, spectators who visit the Casa Batlló in Barcelona by the artist and architect Gaudí will be able to enjoy and participate in this spectacular immersive experience, in which the visitor is the true protagonist.


    16 Escalones, producer of Manu Sánchez, firmly states that, "thanks to this set, Spain and Andalusia become a focus of attraction and target for AAA productions, premium products, first-class film projects and high-end advertising."

  • Atresmedia – The Sixth

    The La Sexta television network has relied on the MODULARPIX PRO P2 series for the screens of the programs. Alfalite has meticulously installed several of the large, high-resolution 13 x 3.5 meter screens on one of the company's soundstages. 

  • Atresmedia Pasapalabra – Antena 3

    MODULARPIX PRO P2 series for rear and table screens and MODULARPIX CRISTAL for the upper perimeter.

  • RTVE Torrespaña

    87.5 m2, 350 panels of MODULARPIX PRO P1 ORIM, 4 screens of 15.0 x 2.5, 7.0 x 2.5, 9.0 x 2.5 and 4.0 x 2.5 for a 360º solution

  • RTVE Prado del Rey

    A total of 192 m2 of MODULARPIX PRO P2 (LITEFIX 2.6I) model have been installed that will cover RTVE with resolutions ranging from FULL HD to 4K.

  • CMMedia

    Two 3.5 x 2.0 meter MODULARPIX PRO P1.9 screens for the CMMedia news set with redundant Novastar systems

  • to punt tv

    45 m2 distributed in three LED screens with MODULARPIX PRO P2.6 ORIM panels

  • Aena

    MODULAR INDOOR series are high-brightness indoor displays that are capable of reproducing high-quality images and graphics without reflections, so they can be viewed from any angle regardless of external lighting.

  • Senate Spain

    MODULARPIX PRO P1 are high-brightness indoor displays that are capable of reproducing high-quality images and graphics without reflections, so they can be viewed from any angle regardless of external lighting.


  • The Integral Solution of AlfaArt: Redefining Spatial Experience
  • AlfaArt is not just an artwork or a technological product it's a holistic solution that transforms spaces and enriches lives. This complete solution includes.

    - State-of-the-Art Media Player
    A dedicated media player ensures flawless 24/7 playback, maintaining the integrity and fluidity of each artistic piece.

    - 'White Glove' Service
    Our 'White Glove' installation service ensures that every AlfaArt is installed with utmost care and professionalism, guaranteeing seamless integration and a worry-free experience for the client.

  • - Access to a curated world of tranquility and beauty

    Experience personalized art selections. Your journey into exquisite digital art begins here.

  • AlfarArt Gallery


  • Customization and Adaptability

    Each space is unique, and AlfaArt honors this individuality by offering customization options to ensure that every installation is a true extension of the space it occupies.

  •  Size and Format Options
    From intimate personal corners to expansive corporate walls, AlfaArt adapts to the dimensions and shapes of each space, ensuring that the art not only displays but resides in harmony with its surroundings.
  • Custom Resolutions
    Clarity and detail are paramount. AlfaArt offers solutions in any resolution, ensuring every pixel conveys the artist's vision and the work's essence. Get detailed technical information here: UHD Finepix.
  • Curated Selection of Works
    Access to a diverse digital art gallery allows clients to select pieces that resonate with their aesthetic vision and the atmosphere they wish to create.