All-in-One Production Center


MFR-3100EX can serve as a routing switcher, video switcher*, multi-viewer*, and downstream keyer* in a single 4 RU enclosure. Other features include: PTZ camera control*, NDI® High Bandwidth/NDI HX I/O*, and RTMP/SRT video streaming*. This highly versatile unit is also an ideal choice for compact system building.

* Optional, for details, contact your FOR-A dealer.
NDI is a registered trademark of Vizrt. 


Typical workflow for house of worship, live event and corporate

All-in-One production center features

Beyond the essential roles it fulfills in any production environment, this comprehensive unit offers 4 additional features with the addition of an MFR-31VP video processing card. With the card, the MFR-3100EX provides video switcher function, NDI High Bandwidth and NDI HX I/O*, video streaming*, and SSD storage.
* In addition to MFR-31VP (to be supported), MFR-31VPS (to be supported) software option also required.

Video switcher function

Video switcher function (MFR-31VP)

Add an MFR-31VP card to expand the unit with 1 M/E and 20 inputs/14 outputs video switcher function. Take advantage of NDI High Bandwidth and NDI HX I/O and 4 keyers for P-in-P or downstream keying. Frame synchronization, 12G-SDI, audio muxing/demuxing, and other expansion are supported with other options.

  • Video switcher function specification


    • Software control panel MFR-CTSP
      With the MFR-CTSP software control panel, all video switcher functions can be controlled with touch panel operations.


NDI High Bandwidth and NDI HX Supported* (MFR-31VP)

Send or receive video and audio, control signals, and tally control over IP. With NewTek NDI Tools installed, MFR-3100EX supports meeting collaboration software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.
* In addition to MFR-31VP, MFR-31VPS software option also required.

Video streaming

Video streaming function* (MFR-31VP)

Provides RTMP and SRT support. Upload video directly to YouTube, Facebook, or other streaming services. YouTube streaming can be checked by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.
* In addition to MFR-31VP, MFR-31VPS software option also required.


SSD storage function (MFR-31VP)

SSD can be installed. It enables recording/playing video and audio. Material supplied via SDI or over the network can be encoded and saved as files. Saved files can be decoded for output via SDI or over the network.


Multi viewer function

Multi viewer function is a standard feature of the built-in web server, which provides a web-based control interface. Add MFR-16MV cards for more sophisticated viewer capabilities such as dual output and clock display.

  • Browser-based multi viewer
    Check source material easily through the built-in web server, saving outputs for other sources. For input channels (1–64) and video switcher function output, up to 64 windows can be displayed per screen.

  • MFR-16MV
    Up to 2 outputs/16 split-windows are available with an optional MFR-16MV installed. Unlike conventional systems that require allocation of 1 output per window displayed by an external multi viewer, this functionality reduces multi viewer output allocation to 1 output per monitor.  Because of the MFR-16V’s ability to handle multiple outputs, all signals sent to those destinations can be monitored on the MFR-16MV. Up to 16 split-windows and 2 types of clock display are supported.

Routing switcher function

With its routing switcher function, the MFR-3100EX can be configured for a matrix up to 64x72, with 4 inputs/4 outputs for 8K signals or 16 inputs/18 outputs for 4K UHD. Matrix expansion and redundancy is possible by using multiple units together. With options*1, conversion between 12G-SDI, Quad Link 3G-SDI, and mapping formats (2SI and SQD) are also available. A variety of crosspoint controls*2 are supported in addition to standard crosspoint switching.
*1 MFR-8SDIGB、MFR-8SDOGB. *2 Salvo, Take, Link, Inhibit and Lock.


  • Multi-format video input and output, and MUX and DEMUX audio are available
    Support for 3G*1/HD*1/SD*1-SDI and DVB-ASI*1 input and output. No need to worry about signal formats, thanks to auto signal detection. Add up to 8 inputs cards and up to 9 outputs card, with 8 channels per card. Can mix and match non-SDI modules as needed. Optimizes the system to install frame synchronizer function*2 for input, and ADVL function*1 for outputs. Audio MUX and DEMUX functions*1 also offer greater video and audio compatibility.
*1 Optional.  *2 Optional, to be supported.
MFR-3100EX is backward-compatible with optional input/output cards for MFR-3000. For details, contact your FOR-A dealer.

  • Connectivity with other products
    Connectivity with other products including FOR-A video switchers and multi viewers via ethernet or serial ports. MFR routing switcher crosspoints can be controlled from HVS video switchers and HVS and MFR exchange tally information with each other. Integrated management of source names by MFR, which automatically send source names to HVS and MV multi viewers. Source names and tally linkage between MFR and MV are controlled by TSL protocol.

Other features

Improved usability

  • GUI-based configuration
    A built-in webserver enables immediate setup without installing software on external devices. With a dedicated GUI, settings can also be configured in an offline environment*.
    *To be supported.
    Ethernet port connects MFR series options. Enables the connection of up to 128 units, including the main unit. 
    - MFR-RU Series: Remote Control Unit
    - MFR-TALM: Tally Manager Unit
    - MFR-RULINK: MFR Remote Relay Unit 
    - MFR-GPI: Interface Expansion Unit

Features to maintain a stable system

  • Outstanding redundancy
    As core system components, FOR-A routing switchers can incorporate redundancy to ensure nonstop operation in case of problems.
    - Redundant power supply (optional MFR-31PS)
    - Redundant control board (optional MFR-31CPU)
    - Redundant ethernet (remote control) (optional MFR-31CPU)
  • GUI-based configuration
    Serving as an SNMP agent, the MFR-3100EX can simultaneously send traps to two SNMP managers for monitoring information about all devices connected to the MFR-LAN.