Video Switcher


New 12G-SDI 1M/E switcher on the scene

This new switcher builds on the features of the HANABI HVS-100/110 and HVS-490 video switchers and adds 12G-SDI support as standard. One or two M/E switching (in 4K(UHD) and HD mode, respectively) is just the start. Enjoy two or six M/E performance in these modes thanks to FOR-A’s MELite™ technology. The compact, 3U form factor is exceedingly portable, making the HVS-1200 the perfect choice for mobile production or events.

Standard 12G-SDI support

10 12G-SDI inputs come standard on this compact unit. Use as a switcher in HD mode with 40 inputs and 2M/Es. Can be used mainly for HD switching while switching to 4K(UHD) as needed. Enjoy convenient operation in HD mode and smoother migration to a 4K(UHD) environment.

Ten standard inputs in 4K(UHD) mode

In 4K(UHD) mode, the switcher features 10 inputs and 10 outputs, including two outputs for HDMI 2.0 Level B. Mixed inputs of 12G-SDI and quad link 3G-SDI are supported. Two 3G-SDI I/Os for 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p. In HD mode, 40 inputs and ten outputs are supported, including two outputs for HDMI 1.4.

Example of 4K system configuration


MELite is patented FOR-A technology that expands the capabilities of AUX transitions. With an AUX bus, users can preview transitions before executing them and enjoy the same control over AUX output as for PGM or PST. One MELite (in 4K-UHD mode) or four MELite (in HD mode) are provided. Assigning FLEXaKEY to an MELite expands the system, making 2 M/E performance (in 4K-UHD mode) and 6 M/E performance (in HD mode) possible with this 1 M/E switcher.

  • Users can preview output from an AUX bus when applying transitions*1 (cut, mix, or wipe) or when keying. This ground-breaking technology makes sure your production is ready for virtually any request.
  • For more sophisticated switching needs, MELite can be assigned before the M/E buses.
  • Any M/E can be assigned to multiple on-stage monitors for independent background transitions and graphics transitions - all from the same control panel.
  • 1 DVE transitions are not included.


Special FLEXaKEY keyers are designed for flexible reassignment. The one FLEXaKEY (in 4K(UHD) mode) or four FLEXaKEYs (in HD mode) provided operate separately from standard keyers of the full M/E buses. Easy keying of four different FLEXaKEYs in any AUX bus enables performances beyond the reach of conventional switchers.

  • The FLEXaKEY system can be freely assigned to M/E or AUX buses.
    - 4K(UHD) mode: Combine up to three keyers for an M/E bus (2 keyers + 1 FLEXaKEY).
    - HD mode: Combine up to eight keyers for an M/E bus (4 keyers + 4 FLEXaKEY).
  • P-in-P display is possible using an AUX bus. Assigning FLEXaKEY to an MELite enables use as an upstream key.
  • FLEXaKEY can also be applied to create a multi-monitor video wall with a single HVS-1200.

Example of HD system using MELite and FLEXaKEY


Choose from cut, mix, or wipe transitions. In addition to 100 wipe patterns, the switcher offers four (in 4K(UHD) mode)/16 (in HD mode) 2.5D DVE wipes, such as: rotate, perspective and reposition. Other rich effects include: mosaic, posterization, pseudo color and defocus.

Standard multi viewer output

The HVS-1200 provides two displays of multi viewer output*2, each supporting up to 16-split display. More than 39 screen layouts each are available. This provides an optimal monitoring environment for both the main operator and other users. Tallys, titles (up to 8 letters) and audio level meters can be displayed on each window.

  • 2 Supports HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

Various features

  • Supports four lines (eight channels) of balanced or unbalanced audio input and output.
  • For noiseless transitions, audio is muted when video is switched.
  • A macro function enables operators to store and register a series of operations and then
    perform complicated operations with one push of a button.
  • Up to 100 registers of control panel configurations can be stored as events.
  • One (in 4K(UHD) mode) and four (in HD mode) sill/clip stores are equipped.
  • One color corrector (in 4K(UHD) mode) and four color correctors (in HD mode) are available per M/E.
  • 2 channels of multi viewer and 4 channels of FLEXaKEY
  • Built-in Web server enables settings from a PC or tablet device.

Convenient control panels