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HD/SD Chroma Keyer & Virtual Processor


This HD/SD virtual processor accepts the input of images from cameras, and it combines 3-dimensional computer graphics linked to the camera parameters. It is ideal as an HD/SD chroma keyer.

High-quality Primatte® Chroma Keys Provided in Real Time

VRP-70HS & VRP-70S feature Primatte® RT Plus, a top-of-the-line chroma keyer. Primatte® RT Plus is an improved version of the Primatte® chroma keyer that has already grown to popular standing in the NLE and computer graphics industry. Primatte® RT Plus delivers real time high-quality chroma keying with an instinctively simple operational environment.

Color Space Divided into 6 parts to Flexibly Accommodate Variations in the Foreground Colors

As shown in the diagram, the color space can be divided into six parts, and the range of colors used for the foreground colors can be set flexibly by setting the color parameters. The adjustment ranges of the boundary colors which are combined can also be set individually for each color so that the ideal combination environment is delivered without having to worry about color blur in the foreground.

Color Spill Enhancing/Replacement Function

Adjust properties of sampled foreground color to remove color spill using enhanced detail and transparency adjustments. Using a replacement function, background colors remaining on the edges can be replaced with other color schemes sampled from background coloring.

Semi-transparent Chroma Keying

Chroma keying for smoke, water, glass, hair, and other semi-transparent objects is done effortlessly.

Auto Chroma Key Function

Parameters can be calibrated automatically by background color cursor sampling.

White/Black Background Processing

Chroma keying can be processed even when there is no color information, such as when black or white is being used as the background color.

Crammed with Virtual Studio/RCG System Peripherals

In a normal virtual studio or RCG system installation not only will you need a chroma keyer, but you'll also need camera selectors, delay lines, routing switchers, DSKs, process amplifiers, color adjustment functions, and various other video peripherals. All of these functions have been crammed into the compact 2U VRP-70HS chassis. This compactness saves installation space and also makes a major contribution to system simplification.

HD and SD Formats Supported

Full Range of Inputs and Outputs

Under its standard specifications, the unit comes with 8 inputs and 4 outputs which can be optionally expanded up to 16 inputs and 12 outputs. All the inputs and outputs can be assigned without restriction to ensure that several different kinds of systems are flexibly accommodated.

Proc Amp and Color Adjustment Functions

All the inputs come with Proc Amp and color adjustment functions. These functions eliminate the feeling that something is not quite right about the color tones used for the foreground and background after combination, and enable more natural-looking composite screens to be created.

DSKs with 5-layer Configuration

Provided for 3 channels

DSKs for three channels are provided. Each DSK can combine and output up to five input source layers without restriction. With the VRP-70HS at hand, complex composition outputs can be displayed just the way you want to.

Redundant Power Supply Supported

An optional power supply can be installed to ensure full power redundancy.

Camera Delay Lines

Delay from 0H to 10 frames can be added to the camera inputs. Optimally make delay adjustments suited to your system needs.

GPI and Tally Functions Provided

The unit comes with GPI and tally functions which are vital for constructing systems. They enable tally lighting which is coupled with video wall displays in a virtual studio or RCG system.

Example of System Construction

Use of a multiple number of VRP-70HS units and remote control units enables the video materials required by video engineers or CG operators to be monitored with no adverse effects on the main line. Many different kinds of studio operations can be flexibly accommodated.

Remote Control Unit: VRP-RUA

Up to five VRP series units can be operated from one remote contol unit. RS-232C, RS-422 and GPI connectors provided to facilitate PC interfacing. Real time monotoring of settings and adjustments without affecting the output.