Virtual Processor/Chroma Keyer


Virtual processor with multi-format (3G/HD) support. Superior chroma keying backed by innovation.

Detailed compositing that outshines traditional chroma keying. FOR-A technology makes it possible. Now with multi viewer output.


  • 1080p (Level-A) supported
  • 3G/HD-SDI 8 inputs/4 outputs + 1 HDMI output, expandable to 14/6 or 12/8
  • HDMI and VGA outputs supported (optional)
  • Two lines for newly developed chroma keying
  • Combine both lines for dual chroma keying
  • 3 DSK Channels: Combine up to 5 layers (background +4 layers) for each
  • Redundant power supply
  • Adjust gain/offset for each bus with built-in Proc Amp
  • Frame Synchronizer on all inputs with captured image display and still store function
  • Adjust chroma level and chroma phase
  • Adjust camera input delay (up to 10 frames)
  • Freely assign video to any window in the multi viewer, with 2/4/5/7/9/10/11/16 splits
  • Title and tally display (up to 8 characters) on the multi viewer
  • VRP-100RU: Remote control unit (sold separately)
  • 24 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins
  • Remote control via dual RS-422 ports

Block diagram