12G-SDI Frame Synchronizer


12G-SDI frame synchronizer


  • Supports 3840x2160 Single Link 12G-SDI.
  • Supports 3840x2160 Quad Link (SQD/2SI, Level A/B) 3G-SDI (input and output are switched from a menu).
  • 12G-SDI and Quad Link 3G-SDI (SQD/2SI, Level A/B) conversion (Gearbox).
  • FS mode: Adjusts phases and syncs asynchronous SDI signals to genlock signals.
  • Automatic muting for detected audio errors.
  • 16-channel audio sample rate converter (SRC).
  • Audio delay adjustment for each channel (up to 1,000 ms), and audio channel remapping.
  • Audio downmixing for linear PCM.
  • H/V ancillary data pass-through (synchronous input only).
  • Proc amp, video clip, video delay, and freeze.
  • 16-channel embedded audio support (asynchronous audio support for 3G/HD-SDI).
  • SNMP monitoring.