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Quad Viewer


With the MV-400 Multi Viewer, you can monitor up to four channels of camera video with a single monitor. In addition to regular video output, the MV-400 also features high-definition monitoring in SXGA and remote monitoring over a network.

  • Features 2 and 4 split-screen modes
  • Up to four asynchronous composite signal (color, B/W) inputs
  • In addition to regular video output, supports SXGA high-definition output and video transmission over a network
  • In SXGA high-definition output, video for each channel can be displayed with virtually no reduction in size
  • Title display (up to 8 alphanumeric characters per channel)
  • Includes parallel remote input terminal
  • Allows remote control over a network even when high-definition output is selected(An additional option is required for using simultaneous a high definition and video transmission mode use.)
  • Video sensor option for motion detection
  • User ID and password security
  • A remote monitoring system is available using FOR-A's network multiviewer
  • Multicast function for monitoring on multiple computers is supported by the MV-40EX option.