12G-SDI / Quad Link 3G-SDI Converter


Two channels of GearBox

12G-SDI / Quad Link 3G-SDI conversion over two Gearbox channels in Compact 1U half-rack width size chassis. Allows interchange of 12G-SDI with Quad Link 3G-SDI, and conversion between SQD(Square Division) and 2SI(2-Sample Interleave). 12G-SDI transmission greatly reduces cables.


  • Allows conversion from quad link 3G-SDI camera output to 12G-SDI.
  • Allows conversion from 12G-SDI router output to quad link 3G-SDI for monitors.
  • Allows mapping format to be matched with 4K source when 2SI and SQD are mixed.


Typical Functions

  • Front menu maintenance display allows conversion mode and cross point settings to be changed.
  • Automatic Variable Delay Line (AVDL) function
  • 1H or 1-frame (*) Delay function
  • Genlock or Line Lock(*) feature syncs source signals.
  • Ancillary data pass-through(*)
  • RS-422 support
  • Available for signals using the same division method.