IP/3G/HD Frame Rate Converter


Cutting-edge conversion for broadcast grade motion in HD streams.

This cutting-edge hardware represents a significant milestone in affordable, flexible and scalable onsite video conversion technology, delivering seamless realtime conversion and uncompromised image quality.


  • Lineup

    MCC-HD: Single channel model

    MCC-HD-2: Dual channel model

  • Superb quality motion compensated format and frame rate conversion for all HD, 3G signals.
  • All frame rates from 23.98 to 60p supported, including interlaced and PsF formats.
  • Automatic input detection of SMPTE ST425-5 (sample interleave input) and ITU-R BT.2020 colorimetry.
  • Supports IP(SMPTE ST 2110) (optional).
  • SDR/HDR, HDR/HDR and HDR/SDR conversions.
  • HDR/SDR management is supported via standard or user-uploaded LUTs. Conversions between SDR, HLG, PQ and S-log3 are included.
  • 16 channels of embedded MADI audio with a delay matched to the video delay.

  • Confidence display on front panel (individual quadrants for square division output)
  • Closed caption and timecode passing (optional).