8K/12G Motion Compensated Converter


Experience exceptional quality frame rate and format conversion on premise and under your control.

MCC-8K offers the ultimate in standards conversion, delivering InSync's world-leading image preservation when converting media between formats, frame rates and scan modes.

  • Convert to and from 8K & 4K Formats
  • World Leading Motion Compensation
  • Expert-grade hardware
  • Simple interface and setup

Optimal for 8K conversion

MCC-8K provides any organization with revolutionary live 8K frame rate conversion. Integrate the power of world-leading InSync motion compensated conversion directly into your workflow and control via a simple and efficient interface.

MCC-8K is ideal for live frame rate conversion applications, where cutting edge 8K content sourced at a chosen production frame rate needs to be converted to other frame rates for international contribution and distribution.

Perfect for specialized, expert grade conversions for international 8K distribution, the MCC-8K produces smooth motion and crystal clear 8K video content. InSync makes this possible through twenty years of refinement and progress on their patented motion compensated frame rate conversion algorithm


  • Live 8K frame rate conversion.
  • Conversion from 50 to 59.94Hz.
  • The highest end-to-end conversion quality.
  • Consistent, clean output frames even in areas of fast motion or repeating detail.
  • Cutting edge and specialized conversion.
  • Automatic input and PID detection with pass-through.
  • Timecode handling.


  • Video format
    - 8K (4320p): 50/59.94p.
  • Video input (SDI)
    - 8K Quad Link 12G-SDI: BNC x4.
  • Video output (SDI)
    - 8K Quad Link 12G-SDI: BNC x 4.
    - 4K Single Link Down Convert for monitoring purposes.
  • Automatic input detection
    - SMPTE ST 2082-12 (2SI).
    - BT.2020 colorimetry.
  • Audio
    Passes 32 channels of PCM embedded audio.
    - Audio channel remapping.
    - Audio tracking delay.
    - Audio gain control.
    - Audio tone and silence insertion.
  • Genlock input
    - BB: Bi-level or Tri-level sync: 0.3 Vp-p, 75Ω, BNC x 2, loop-through
      (to be terminated with 75Ω terminator, if unused).
    - Lock to external reference with adjustable H/V offset.
  • Control
    - Front panel with short-cut keys.
    - Video confidence monitor.
    - Built-in Web control.
  • Interface
    - Ethernet: 10/100/1000 BASE-TX RJ-45 x 1.