Video Stabilizer



Digital video stabilizer to correct unwanted camera movement and many forms of vibration. The IVS-720HS provides real-time correction focused on unwanted camera motion while maintaining camera pan and tilt movement. Ideal for eliminating unwanted motion from weather cameras, hand held news cameras, or program production motion problems. Includes the optional ability to remove haze in real-time.


  • 3G/HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats: 1080p,1080i, 720p, 525/60, 625/50.
  • Compact 1RU size.
  • Provides real-time motion correction (2-frame delay).
  • Real-time haze or fog removal function (IVS-720HR option).
  • Auto detection of camera pan/tilt—only unwanted motion corrected.
  • Correction for both live and recorded video.
  • Powerful correction: up to 40% of source screen size, vertically or horizontally.  
  • Sub-pixel precision.
  • Straightforward design—simply supply video signals, no special connection required.  
  • Correction in active area only, preserves blanking data.
  • Blanking data transmission timing not affected by correction delay.
  • RS-232C/RS-422/LAN interfaces enable remote control (IVS-720IF option).
  • GUI control function via web browser (IVS-720IF option).

Haze removal and darkness/backlight correction (Optional)

  • Improved processing with unique FOR-A technology.
    - For hazy white images, it restores original colors and shading in real time, correcting images to make them look more natural.
    - Enables real-time removal processing of natural phenomenon such as haze or fog which prevent monitoring.
    - Restores color to outdoor sports or news coverage when obscured by snowy or stormy conditions.
  • The haze removal function can be processed simultaneously with camera motion correction.
    IVS-720HS improves visibility even at locations where severe weather occurrences regularly hamper visibility,
    such as monitoring shipping ports. 

    Haze removal processing


Examples of system configuration

Single camera/VCR connection

Multi-camera connection

Sample Movie