Real-time Video Transmission Gear

IP-920 [Fujitsu]

IP-920 is a Video Transmission Equipment adopted highly efficient video encoding technology, "H.264" to perform live transmission of high fidelity SDTV and HDTV at low bi-rates.


  • Best-in-Class Video Fidelity
  • Compact, Light and Half Width
  • Support Balanced Analog Audio
  • Low Latency
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • NIT (Carrier ID)
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Archiving and File Transfer
  • Robust Error Correction (FEC/ARQ)
  • Other Features
    - Dual encoder (2 types of bit rate encoding)
    - Superimpose (text and time)
    - RS-232C (pass-thru)
    - NIT (Carrier ID)

System Configuration Examples

Fujitsu IP Series Video Compression and Transmission Technology

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