Camera Calibration Software


Calibration software to align and match the sizes of graphics and actual images.
Compatible with many graphic renderers,ifCalib2 can be used in a variety of virtual production.


  • Send calibrated tracking data to other equipment
  • Output of calibration and tracking data from up to 4 syastems
  • Freely add and combine system elements in a tracking data input-output matrix
  • Supports lens distortion correction
  • Save sensor data with time codes for post-production
  • Apply FOV values and position offset adjustment to traking data from camera tracking systems
  • Combine multiple elements of traking data
  • Graphics rendering to assist in calibration (oputional)


  • Consists of two licensed versions:Process and Control
    - ifCalib2 Proc:Used for data input/output
    - ifCalib2 Cont:Used to configure ifCalib2 Proc settings (used at the time of configuration)

Tracking  Data

  • Supports tracking data such as:Radamec (Free-d),Mo-Sys F4,and proprietary protocols
  • Tracking data input/output via RS-422 or over a network (UDP)

System Configuration