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8K Up Converter


Upconverter that can output HD or 4K UHD input signal as 8K dual green (DG). Also supports color gamut conversion.

Frame synchronizer that supports upconversion of HD/4K UHD to 8K DG (Dual Green). It inputs HD-SDI or Quad Link 3G-SDI (3G-SDI x 4) and outputs Octa Link 3G-SDI (3G-SDI x 8) signals. Two-way distribution of 8K DG is standard and BB or Tri-level sync reference input is also supported. An ideal solution for integration of HD or 4K UHD material into 8K UHD productions using the dual-green format.


  • Quad Link 3G or Single Link HD-SDI inputs
  • Two Octa Link 3G-SDI distribution outputs
  • Very high quality upconversion with user-adjustable enhancement filters
  • Frame synchronisation to an external reference with tracking PCM audio delay
  • Minimum delay mode (no reference) – lock to input
  • Conversion between 59.94 and 60Hz (drops or repeats 1 frame in 1000 frames)
  • Color management between ITU-R BT.2020 and ITU-R BT.709 with auto/manual selection
  • Proc amp control (luminance, chrominance and black level)
  • Front panel, web browser and SNMP control