4K/HD Keyer


The DSK-400 is a 4K (UHD) keyer with 12 inputs and 8 outputs for 3G-SDI. Add DSK-400CK for 4K chroma keying. Connect to an HVS-100 for control via HVS-100OU. Also controllable via dedicated GUI.


  • 1080p/1080i supported.
  • 3G-SDI Level-A input and Level-B (only for FILL/KEY) input supported.
  • Supported inputs: LINE (3G/HD-SDI x4), FILL/KEY (3G/HD-SDI x4 each).
    - 4K mode: LINE x1, FILL/KEY x1 each
    - HD (3G/1.5G) mode: LINE x4, FILL/KEY x4 each
  • Supported outputs: PGM (SDI x4), AUX (SDI x4).
    - 4K mode: PGM x1, AUX x1
    - HD (3G/1.5G) mode: PGM x4, AUX x4
  • Enables combined FILL/KEYs on LINE input. Equipped with FS on FILL/KEY input.
  • Equipped with INPUT STILL on FILL/KEY input. Available as still image source.
  • Offers 1080p down-converted output from 4K for monitoring use.
  • Supports Genlock, BB or Tri-level Sync. Line lock supported for LINE input.
  • Bypass output supported as standard.
  • Built-in web server allows individual settings to be configured over web browser.
  • GPI input/tally output, with 16 pins assignable to input or output.
  • Remote control via RS-422 port available.
  • Simultaneous control from up to four DSK-RU, optional remote control unit.
  • 4K high-performance DSK-400CK chroma keyer* (Option).
  • Redundant DSK-400PSM power supply (Option).

    * Not available in 4K 2SI, or 29.97p and 25p format.

4K keying

When using as 4K chroma keyer with optional DSK-400CK