Multi Viewer


4K I/O, up to 68 inputs, and 8 monitor outputs. Now with HDMI 2.0b output support, the MV-4200 series can be used in monitoring environments that will be displaying 4K Ultra HD TV.

MV-4200/MV-4210 2RU multi viewers accept up to 68 inputs of mixed 3G/HD/SD-SDI, composite, HDMI, DVI or RGBHV inputs and provide up to 8 independent monitor outputs. For both SDI and HDMI 2.0 outputs, choose the MV-4200. If only SDI output is needed, choose the MV-4210. Some of the many new features for a more versatile environment include HDMI 2.0b output, mixed 2K/4K output, HD to 4K up-resizing, and logo display in title areas.

Up to 68 channels of input with optional cards*1

Combine optional input cards, MV-4200SDI (3G/HD/SD-SDI, Composite x20), MV-4200PCI (DVI-I/HDMI/RGBHV x8), or the MV-4200IF interface card (GPIO, serial control, input of analog audio, AES audio, genlock), as needed.

  • 1 Three MV-4200SDI cards.

MV-4210 SDI output model

Up to 8 channels of SDI video output

View up to 8 monitors with different layouts

  • Up to 114 windows over 8 output displays
  • Up to 8 clocks per 8 output displays
  • Up to 8 logos and 1 background per 8 output displays

3G-SDI inputs support 4K (UHD) source input

Layout Manager enables easy layout of 4K video in a seamless display

HDMI 2.0b output

4K (UHD) output (3840 x 2160, YUV 4:2:0) over a single HDMI cable

Crosspoint control for 4K playback

Four input signals assigned to crosspoints 1 to 4 can be controlled together.

With HDMI 2.0b, choose from two layouts

4K output: 1 channel x 4 outputs

4K output: 2 channel x 2 outputs

2K or 4K SDI/HDMI output in customizable layouts

Mixed 2K/4K output also supported

Logo display in title areas

  • Register a logo for each input, or use the same logo for all windows. Up to 8 logos can be registered
  • Import bitmaps from the logo registration screen
  • Titles can also show text entered from a web browser

HD to 4K up-resizing

Layout Manager

Windows-based screen layout creation and management software. Customize layouts using the software to adjust image size, position, title display and other settings. Store up to 68 layout patterns on the multi viewer. Saved layouts can be recalled directly from the front panel control.


  • Video Streaming
  • Record Streamed Video
  • Versatile Mixed-Source Environment
  • HD Output of Source Signals
  • Audio Level
  • Audio Monitoring Output
  • Prominent Error Display
  • Tally/Title/Timecode
  • Time of day, Timer, and Information Display
  • Information Display
  • Logo/Background
  • Input Lock
  • Can display time based on a 30-hour clock
  • Schedule Timer
  • Cropping
  • Frozen Frame Detection

Appearance without optional units

Appearance with all optional units

With MV-4200IF, MV-4200PCI, MV-4200SDI and MV-4200PS optional cards (from top to bottom) mounted


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