Sensor-less Virtual Studio System


Adds On-Air graphics support to the solo virtual studio capabilities of VRCAM, which can be used without a camera operator. Featuring an intuitive interface and full set of templates, the VRCAM-NX system offers many advantages in program production.

Virtual system solution

  • Use the MBP-2244WS-4K for enhanced image quality in virtual camera zooming. Maintains HD output while applying 4K camera signals.
  • Up to four virtual cameras with 16 positions per camera.
  • Set key frames to move cameras along straight or curved lines.
  • One-touch operation: Save camera switching, subtitles, captions, scene transitions, and other scheduled actions sequentially in a playlist to enable production simply by performing takes during the program.

On-Air graphics system solution

  • Besides a fully virtual studio, supports On-Air graphics
  • Includes SmartDirect RCG template functionality.

Solution for both virtual and On-Air graphics systems

  • Setup wizard for virtual and real, sensor-equipped cameras.
  • Easy playout in SmartDirect RCG: Simply click a button for sequential playout.
  • Sensor-equipped camera support: Can be used as two of the four cameras.

Example system coniguration for both a chroma key virtual and On-Air graphics virtual studio