Key Features of FOR-A Virtual System


GearLink integrated control software can be installed onto a computer, and allows you to operate FOR-A video devices together on the computer. Integrate the control of multiple video devices, such as HVS-100/110 or HVS-2000 video switchers, MFR-series routers, MBP-series clip servers, MV-1620HSA or MV-4200 multi-viewers, and VTRs controlled by Sony 9-pin protocol. All of these devices can be controlled through a single GUI. GearLink easily facilitates switcher-based video workflows.


SmartDirect is a complete video production system that allows a single operator to easily create an entire show. The system is based around an advanced 3D graphics engine, but adds a myriad of features including event list playback/control, CG Titles, Video walls, camera switching, and video distribution IP streaming. In addition, you can control outboard equipment such as HVS-series video switchers and MBP-series dedicated clip servers. A full sensor-less virtual studio is available as an option.

QUU/MTS-100 Marker-less Sensor

The MTS-100 marker-less tracking sensor system detects the positional information of reference points from captured images in image recognition. The system detects the position of objects using image recognition, and composites CGs following all existing camera pan/tilt and lens zooming characteristics without the use of mechanical sensors. Composited CGs can be added to live broadcasting, aerial shooting, camera footage using dolly track/crane/jib/static rig units, and live-camera footage in real time. Three kinds of calibration are targeted for tracking needs: camera lens, CG positioning, and featured points.


The VRCAM2 Sensor-less Virtual Studio System software application allows you to build a virtual studio using Brainstorm virtual cameras, without the use of sensor cameras or virtual reality tracking devices. VRCAM2, along with eStudio, work with FOR-A HVS-series video switchers and/or MBP-series clip servers, and allow you to produce virtual studio images such as if they’re taken in actual studio settings.