FOR-A HVS-100 Switcher & ClassX LiveBoard
Software to Demo Real-Time Graphics Creation
& Payout via Thunderbolt™ at 2016 NAB New York

November 3, 2016

NAB-NY, BOOTH 943, New York, NY – Building on its successful video production switcher technology, FOR-A today announced it will for the first time demonstrate the HVS-100 Portable Video Production Switcher using a Thunderbolt™ card the HVS-100TB2 to interface with LiveBoard, a real-time graphics software solution developed by Italian-based, ClassX, at the 2016 NAB New York tradeshow.

"This is the first real-time graphics software of its kind interfacing with a high-speed Thunderbolt™ board," said Jay Shinn, VP of FOR-A Americas. "We couldn’t be more excited to have found such a perfect match when it comes to a modern and innovative user interface like LiveBoard," continued Shinn. "The ClassX software is truly amazing, offering an abundance of interesting features such as beautiful graphics, animation, 3D animation and video playout and it all comes together by way of a HVS-100TB2 board housed in our video production switchers making it ideal for broadcasters and live production," concluded Shinn.

The HVS-100, offers audio with graphics wipes as well as 20 multi viewer layouts. This switcher also has a built-in Web Server that allows the operator to change settings from a PC or tablet device. In addition, a clip memory feature has recently been added to the still store to support elaborate performances, while the multi viewer meets a diverse range of monitoring needs.

"We are very excited to work with FOR-A, a worldwide leader of Broadcast and Production products," said Michele Puccini, Head of the Development Team at ClassX and Co-founder of the company. "At ClassX, the FOR-A HVS-100TB2 Thunderbolt™ interface has been immediately recognized as a key technology for the development of impressive, innovative, modern, flexible products in our Broadcast CG division," continued Puccini. "From a user’s perspective, the HVS-100TB2 is a game changing technology. By means of extra high-speed ThunderBolt™ connections, we can send uncompressed, extra-low-latency video, graphics and sound over a single cable, all while keeping the capability of handling up to 4 I/O full HD video channels simultaneously," he concluded.

The ClassX playout software, LiveBoard, is a user-friendly, versatile and powerful tool to produce and send out to air any kind of graphics that a production needs. News, Children's Programs, Music Channels, TV Shopping Channels and Live Events like Sports and live television shows, are a few examples of the productions that require high quality, smooth, eye-catching 2D and 3D graphics. ClassX offers that to professionals in the Broadcast Graphics field with a great number of functionalities squeezed into a few easy-to-use Software Applications.

"ClassX Graphics Applications smoothly playout limitless layers of pixel-perfect graphics and media to the HVS-100TB2 card," commented Giovanni Pallesi, CEO and Co-founder of ClassX. "Since the technology is fully GPU-based, the ClassX LiveBoard v6.1 engine leaves the CPU at a bare 10%/15% of usage – even while playing impressive multi-layer real-time data-driven 3D graphics," Pallesi commented. "We meticulously exploit every available byte so our software does not rely on powerful workstations with expensive hardware, making it really cost-effective," concluded Pallesi.

About ClassX

ClassX offers a wide range of products and solutions, from 2D/3D graphics template editors to media-rich playout systems. All software modules are developed on an open architecture and design. Based on industry standards and designed to allow maximum customization of a Broadcaster’s workflow, the ClassX platform features high-end live and automated graphics solutions, distributed architectures and seamless integration among all areas with selected third-party technologies.

The solutions for CG and graphics are the perfect blend of power, flexibility, innovation and ease of use for hundreds of satisfied customers. Our solutions ensure system scalability, return on investment and achieving robust, comprehensive and integrated workflows. Ever since the company was founded in 1991 in Italy, our customers can count on a reliable and flexible international sales and support network.

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