Full 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera (High Frame Rate Camera)

FT-ONE-LS (Preliminary)

The Perfect High-Speed 4K Camera
for Live Sports Coverage

Introducing, the new FT-ONE-LS, the next generation high-speed 4K camera in the FT-ONE series. The FT-ONE-LS is a new standard in high-speed 4K camera technology, designed specifically for fast-paced sporting events.With a 2/3-inch lens, the FT-ONE-LS offers improved performance in low light conditions, often found in sports stadium venues that can prove troublesome for most high-frame-rate cameras. FOR-A’s exclusive “flicker corrector” technology, offered as an optional feature, helps set this camera apart from all others. No longer will the effects of low light and high-speed 4K production be a concern when shooting night games or in domed stadiums.

Simultaneous output of live and super slow-motion video

Simultaneous output of live and super slow-motion video makes the FT-ONE-LS more than a dedicated high-speed solution.
The camera is also ready for live workflows of all kinds.

Move the camera head around to capture video during super slow-motion playback

While playing back super slow-motion coverage, the operator has the ability to turn off the camera head and move around to capture the next crucial shot. Unbeatable versatility! This is especially useful when covering live action events requiring mobility. With its camera head linked to the base station over a single optical camera cable, the FT-ONE-LS has a maximum extended range over a mile*1. Additionally, footage can be captured at the base station on no more than two SSD cartridges, with a maximum storage capacity of 4 TB.

  • 1 When using a camera cable longer than 1 km, an external power supply may be necessary.

Storage partitioning

The internal memory on the FT-ONE-LS can be used as a single partition or divided into 2-16 partitions for simultaneous recording or playback. For continuous recording, material can be left intact prior to recording the next segment. Partitioning allows the operator to record new scenes while playing back already recorded ones.

Versatile trigger support

As soon as the FT-ONE-LS is turned on, video is constantly being buffered by the camera and can instantly be saved to memory with the push of a button. Choose the optimal recording trigger for the subject or scene by selecting from a start, center, or end trigger or by specifying the start time of the recorded segment. With the pre-roll function, playback starts from the specified position, keeping playback focused on required segments.

24-axis color correction

The video operator will be awed by the amazing 24-axis color correction, offering improved camera and color matching compared to the usual trichromatic correction. Specific colors can be corrected by adjusting hue and saturation separately on the 24-axis. This is very convenient for on-site color-matching between scenes, or when ensuring color consistency with video from other cameras. Choose from a variety of color presets*3 or, import your own.

  • 3 For details, contact a FOR-A representative.

Triple intercom connectivity

Intercoms are indispensable when it comes to live coverage. With both a D-sub and XLR connector, the camera easily fits into live workflows, supports 2-wire, 4-wire, or Clear-Com® connections.

Standard system configuration

Live output at 2x for 4K or 6x for HD

Connected to a sports replay server, the FT-ONE-LS provides impressive output of high-speed video. Material on the server can also be replayed as needed.

Outstanding video images – even with a B4 lens

High-quality video images are maintained even with gain increased for video captured with a 2/3-inch mounted lens. Operators will see significantly less noise, which tends to occur in low-light conditions.

High frame rate output ready for editing

Output rates of up to 500 fps in 4K or 1,300 fps in HD are supported.

Flicker correction

The optional Flicker Corrector offered on the FT-ONE-LS, corrects, in real-time, that annoying flickering often put out by high-speed cameras when shooting under inconsistent lighting conditions. This option is a must-have for indoor live sporting events, especially when shooting night games or in domed stadiums or gymnasiums.


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